MIELLE Organics is an exceedingly popular brand in the natural hair community. They have had recent news on their new partnership to broaden the reach with which their product reaches. We have all used products from Mielle and have at least one favourite product. We have another one to add which is the “MIELLE ORGANICS POMEGRANATE & HONEY MAXIMUM HOLD GEL STYLER.” There stylers are extremely popular for the girlies who love curl definition, long lasting sheen, and moisturized hair until wash day. I purchased this product because it was one of their stylers that I have heard helpful reviews about.

Product Description:

Our Maximum Hold Gel Styler is the perfect multi-purpose gel for natural hair styling. Use to smooth and set sleek, frizz-free top knots, ponytails and pineapple styles. Perfect for defining, clumping, and elongating wash & go styles for maximum curl control.

How Does It Look, Feel and Smell?

LOOK – The styling gel is viscous which is like most of Mielle’s stylers. FEEL – The gel feels very wet like a homemade gel and not a production warehouse gel. SMELL – It has a ‘fresh breeze’ scent that is not overbearing.


The styling gel (like most products I’ve tested) was used to create the perfect twist out. My hair was split into 4 to 6 sections, then subdivided into smaller sections. I added a dime size amount from tip to root. Then, used my Denman brush to ensure the product spreads evenly on my hair. Once you apply, you can start to see the curls forming along with the superb hold. After 48 hours, my hair was 100% dry. Then, I unraveled by beautiful, juicy, and luscious twist out. The style only lasted 2 days which I was not pleased with.

Final verdict:

Although, Mielle Organics is a great brand unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of this styler. Would I use it again? Probably not. The jelly like consistency seemed more suitable for 3c/4a type hair, and not necessarily 4b. It provided a soft hold as well as a soft definition. Unfortunately, this not last for more than 2 days

Does it work? Yes, it does for certain hair types.

6/10 would recommend to a friend.


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