We all have a love hate relationship with this season. It’s the season of being with your family friends and loved ones and eating great food. As well as, the weather is cold, dry, wet and is not giving ‘happiness’. Similarly to how we don’t like the winter season, neither does our hair. Our hair becomes drier, weaker, and thinner if it’s exposed to the temperatures for too long.

During this season, we switch up our products, techniques and our overall regimen. Here are the top 3 ways to care for your natural hair this winter –

1] Deep condition with a steamer Throughout the year, you should be deep conditioning your hair on a weekly basis. During this season, you should take things up a notch. To enhance your deep conditioning routine, use a steamer. It can be the steamer than you sit under for 20 minutes. Or you can use a steam cap, deep conditioning cap and/or a simple plastic bag. All of these tools will generate heat and steam which is what your hair needs. The hot air will open the cuticles along the hair shaft. This is what we need so that the deep conditioner is better able to penetrate the hir shaft. You want all of the nutrients form the product going into your hair to repair, renew and refresh your curls. Deep conditioners are a mini treatment for your hair, so it is ready for the upcoming week ahead of styling, weather, and environmental elements. Apply a decent size portion to your hair shaft. Then, work it in using the praying hands method from tips to root. You can add an extra layer for the areas of your hair that you think need additional product. However, do not weigh down your hair with more product unnecessarily. Remember, your hair will absorb as much as it needs then leave the rest to sit on the hair.

2] Style your hair in protective or low-manipulation styles During this season styling our hair becomes harder as our hair changes and/or schedule changes. To maintain the health of our hair, you can do protective styles and/or low manipulation styles. Both styles achieve the goal which is to keep your hands out of your hair during this season. Ina addition, it reduces breakage, moisture loss and knots and tangles. Examples of protective styles you can do are closure/lace frontal/head band wigs. These wigs will cover your natural hair, so it is not exposed to the temperature. Also, they give you a fresh new look for the winter season. Examples of low manipulation styles that you can do are buns, mini twists, ponytails and/or cornrows. These styles require little to no daily manipulation of your hair. SO, you can get up and go to work every day without spending 30 minutes on your hair. Its perfect if you have a busy week ahead with closing out work tasks, getting Christmas gifts, and much more.


3] Moisturise & Seal Last but certainly not least is to moisturise and seal your hair. It is especially important to ensure that your hair is moisturised during this season. Once your hair is moisturised it will educe breakage, knots, and tangles. So, you are able to maintain the health and length of your natural hair. The best way to moisturise your hair is by doing the LOC or LCO method. You are able to hydrate your hair using the L in the step which can be h20 or aloe vera juice. Then, follow up with an oil or cream. The oil/cream will seal in the hydration from the L step in the regimen. So, your kinks will stay moisturised throughout the week. To get the best moisture results this season, moisturise your hair in sections. Split your hair into 4 or 6 sections. Then, apply he products in order and work it in from tips to roots. Next, twist and style accordingly.


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