Every year we set the goal of growing our hair. Some of us don’t achieve it as we don’t know the right steps to take. As well as, we’re not consistent in following the steps throughout the year. We want you to have long, healthy, and luscious kinky hair. We will be sharing with you the top 5 tips to grow your natural hair in 2023 Top 5 tips to grow your natural hair in 2023: 1] Massage your scalp on a daily basis using a hair growth oil The first step is to massage your scalp on a daily basis using hair growth. The best hair growth oil for your scalp is one that is formulated with essential oils. Examples of essential oils are rosemary oil, tea tree, and lavender. Essential oils contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They will penetrate the scalp to start repairing the hair shaft. It will strengthen the hair shaft, so it is able to withstand manipulation. As well as nourish each hair follicle to encourage more hair to be produced from it.

After you have found your hair growth oil, it is time to start massaging your scalp daily. Every night or morning you should give your hair a light massage. This will encourage blood to flow to the scalp to provide it with more nutrients. Therefore, your hair follicles will absorb these nutrients and produce additional hair growth.

Both techniques work in tandem, so you are able to see your curls at their full length. 2] Cleanse your scalp and hair on a weekly or bi-weekly basis Next, start cleansing your scalp on a consistent basis. This can be on a weekly or bi-weekly basis based on your lifestyle. For cleansing, you can use a shampoo (sulfate-free), co-wash, or a cleanser. Each is formulated to cleanse your scalp and hair. However, each product may leave your hair at varying different levels of ‘clean.’ To determine which is best for you, you have to experiment. if the product makes your hair feel super dry, then it is a no for you. However, if the product leaves your hair feeling clean without being prone to breakage, then continue to use it. To find the best product that is not full of chemicals, you should be looking at the ingredient list. Avoid products formulated with mineral oil, sulfate, petroleum, and silicones. The consistent application of these ingredients to your hair will cause your hair to become easily frizzy, lackluster, and weak When you apply your favourite cleansing product, ensure to massage it into the scalp using the pads of your fingers. The motion will encourage product build-up, excess oil, and dirt to lift from the scalp and hair follicles. Therefore, leaving your hair with a clean slate to be moisturised later.

3] Leave your edges and napes alone When styling your hair, leave your edges and nape alone. No need to manipulate them excessively to achieve a slicked-back look such as ponytail or bun. As well as, they do not have to be ‘swooped to infinity’ when doing a twist/braid out. The unnecessary manipulation will cause you to put pressure and strain on your hair follicles. This can cause harm and damage to your hair follicles which will prevent them from functioning as should. They will not be able to produce as much hair growth as you would like. For our girlies who love to do your edges and napes. You can use a soft-bristled brushes to gently comb these areas. This may be difficult if you really like doing your edges and napes. You can use soft-bristled brushes to gently comb your edges. Or you can use the pads of your fingers to tame your hair. 4] Eat 3 well-balanced meals on a daily basis Next, you have to be eating well-balanced meals throughout the day. We are not saying to cut out sugars, fast food, gluten, and carbs. However, they should be eaten in moderation. And you should be eating healthy whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and protein. And more importantly, do not forget to drink your water! Your hair is the last place to receive nutrients from the foods you eat. So, if you eat poorly, your hair will receive nothing. However, if you consistently eat healthy foods, the vitamins and minerals will absorb into the bloodstream. Then, these nutrients will be absorbed into the hair shaft.

5] Take vitamins for your body Although you eat a well-balanced diet, there are additional nutrients that your body is not able to absorb because of where you live in the world, income restrictions, and much more. You can compensate for this by taking vitamins for your body. We are not suggesting that you take hair vitamins as these are not approved by any regulatory body. You should take vitamins for your body depending on your gender, age, and holistic health. You should consult with your family practitioner before taking any vitamins. They will be able to prescribe the best vitamins, list the side effects and the best practices to follow.


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