Herbal essence has been a holy grail in the anural hair community as the conditioner. It gave us the slip that is needed to define, hydrated, and detangle those curls. I remember a lot of youtubers were using and sharing this product as one of their staples. It has been a while since then, so I decided to try the product again. Does it work like it used to? Let us find out!

Product Description: Gives you moisturizing conditioning for total hydration Deep moisture system leaves hair nourished and soft while being color safe & pH balanced Paraben free, mineral oil free, dermatologist tested and certified cruelty free by PETA Scented with creamy notes of coconut essences

How Does It Look, Feel and Smell? LOOK – The conditioner is blue which surprised me because I am used to conditioners that are ‘white.’ So I really liked the change of colour for this product. FEEL – THICK! I was so happy as I love a thick conditioner because it means that a little will go a long way. Also, to maximise my use of the product I have to ensure that my hair is thoroughly damp. SMELL – Finally, it smells like sooo good. Herbal essence has a tropical smell which I really love as most conditioners smell like a conditioner. APPLICATION: I thoroughly drenched my hair in water so the product could spread evenly. Then. I applied 3 to 4 pumps per section from tip to root. Then, I detangled my hair using my wide tooth comb. The slip is unmatched as it was amazingly easy to detangle my hair. Also, it contains cetearyl alcohol which is a fatty acid that provides slip and moisturises my curls. Once rinsed, my hair soft, moisturised and tangle free.

Does it work? Yes, it does. I am happy to report that herbal essence products still work even if they may have changed the formula over the years/ Also, they have a wide range of diverse types of conditioners to choose from for your hair needs. 10/10 would recommend to a friend


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