We’re slowly going into winter which can be absolutely freezing cold. The cold weather and our curls do not mix. Moisture is very imperative during this season especially if our curls are going to be exposed to the sun. So, you must switch up your natural hair regimen for the winter. Here are 4 ways to prep your natural hair for winter:

1. WEAR a PROTECTIVE STYLE: If you do not want your hair directly exposed to the colder temperature as it will be snowing, wear a protective style during this season. So, the cold air will affect the fake hair and not your real natural hair. You can wear a wig, braids, twists, faux locs and so much more. In addition, winter is usually a busy season for everyone as businesses are trying to push more sales, closing for the year end and finishing as much work before the Christmas holidays so you will be busy. Given the industry you are in, you may be too busy to do your hair, so this is a win-win.

2. WEAR A SATIN LINED HEADWEAR: I love the beanies during this season, but you must make sur that they are lined with satin. The satin aids in keeping the moisture locked into your hair strands. And as such, it reduces friction, frizz and any formation of knots. You can get stylish beanies in multiple colours and patterns that are great for your sense of style. In addition, they are beanies for children and men as well. So, everyone’s hair within the family will be protected at all costs.

3. USE CREAMS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: Creams are great of our natural hair especially during this season as it holds unto the water molecules. The cold air will withdraw the moisture as possible, so you want to ensure that your curls stay locked in with hydration. You should eb doing the LCO/LOC method during this season. In addition, you may have to a midweek refresher using creams as well. Once applied it doesn’t feel as if your curls are weighed own during the colder months.

4. DEEP CONDITION EVERY WEEK: With every season, we recommend deep conditioning your hair. The winter is no exception as the colder weather will leave your hair feeling dry. Once your hair id dry it can become weak, tangled and even break. To avoid that ensure too deep condition every week. Remember to look for a deep conditioner that is rich in moisture properties, so your hair absorbs the best treatment. Let us know in the comments what you will be doing differently for WINTER.


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