I’m on the hunt for a great deep conditioner, so the next couple of posts will be me testing deep conditioners. If you have any suggestions for a great deep conditioner, please let me know in the comments below. In this review, I decided to try Aunt Jackie’s Coco Repair Deep Conditioner.


Infused with carrier oils that pull nutrients into the hair shaft, Aunt Jackie’s Coco Repair recipe helps to improve the look and feel of chronically dry, fragile tresses. Whether the damage is from chronic dryness, over-processing with chemical straighteners or colour, heat styling, braiding, or certain environmental conditions, Coco Repair is an effective remedy to help return hair to a vibrant, softer state. Especially good for 2c-4c textures.


Other than the cost being the main factor of me choosing this deep conditioner, I am also a fan of the Aunt Jackie’s brand. I love their flaxseed coiling curly jelly because it gives defined, shiny and hydrated results. So I correctly assumed that the deep conditioner would not disappoint.


LOOKS: Once I opened the container it looked like a thick obscure white product. I could tell that the deep conditioner wasn’t “thick” but it also wasn’t watery. It’s heavily concentrated so I knew a little would go a long way.

FEELS: The consistency is very creamy, similar to a curl cream. It wasn’t what I’m used to as a deep conditioner as they are usually thick (and that’s how I like them).

SMELLS: It doesn’t have a smell which I appreciated. It wasn’t too sweet or strong, the smell was bland and/or non-existent. If you have sinus issues, then this is a good deep conditioner to consider.


Once applied to the hair it works as any deep conditioner would. You would apply a medium size amount to coat the section of your hair from roots to tip. Then, you can work it using a Denman brush or the praying hands’ method. Then, wear a steam or shower cap for 15 minutes so the heat can penetrate the hair. Then rinse to soft, hydrated, and tangle-free results. To get the best results, you have to apply the deep conditioner to damp hair as a little goes a long way. In addition, the water aids in making the product pliable so that it can spread evenly across all your hair strands.

LOW POROSITY HAIR Low porosity hair gals should be mindful of using products with high protein levels. The coco repair contains coconut oil which is rich in protein. This is why after continued use of coconut oil your hair feels matted and stiff. It is absorbing more protein than moisture when there should be a balance. However, the coco repair didn’t make my hair feel stiff even though I used it in 3 consecutive wash day routines. My advice is to interchange the deep conditioner as you would in your regular natural hair routine.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I used it for 3 wash days and I liked the results. I would recommend using heat when deep conditioning for low porosity gals to get the best out of the deep conditioner. As well as, ensuring to work it into wet hair so that you can get the best bang for your pound. Would I purchase it again? Absolutely.


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