The summer is here, borders are opening up in the different territories, covid cases are slowly but surely decreasing. So what does this all mean? Travel time! However, traveling with your natural hair isn’t easy. Regardless if it is in a protective style or not, there are some must-have products that you have to have on hand, ALWAYS. In addition, if you are traveling, you cannot leave home without these. Want to know what they are?

Let’s go:


You need a shampoo bar as it makes shampooing your scalp way much easier. No need to worry about airport authorities removing your shampoo bottle because it doesn’t meet the size or amount requirements. A shampoo bar is a safer and cheaper alternative. In addition, it is effective as you can cleanse your scalp with it only. Onc applied to your wet scalp it will create the sud that we’re used to with our regular shampoo. So you can “sr\crub, scrub” away to leave your scalp clean.


If you are going to a tropical island where there is a lot of sea, sun and sand. As well as, chlorine, salt and sedimentary particles from the various water elements. All of these elements will be interacting with your hair fast whether or not they are covered with synthetic hair. After a prolonged period of time, they can harm your hair by taking away the moisture levels, breaking down the protective barrier and causing scalp issues. All of which we do not want. So ensure to bring your deep conditioner to replenish, rejuvenate and revitalise your hair strands. Therefore, keep it in a healthy state throughout your trip.


Also, you need a great moisturising mist or liquid or cream to keep your curls hydrated. Either will do as long as they are travel friendly. Both of which should be packed with antioxidants. mineral and vitamins to keep your natural hair hydrated all day. In addition, you should ensure that water is the first ingredient in either product. This will assure that your hair is being hydrated with water at all times whenever you apply the product.


Whether you are staying at a family friend’s house or a hotel, they have no satin lined items. There are no stain sheets, pillowcases or scarfs. So it is imperative that you bring your very own. The satin will help to keep your hair in a moisturised state. The cotton that sheets and pillowcases that you will sleep on with your hair exposed will withdraw the moisture from your hair. Therefore, leaving it in a vulnerable state that is easy to knot and breakage. So it’s best to bring your own stuff.


Could we really go on vacation without edge control?

You don’t necessarily have to bring your edge control to do your edges with the curly Ss and Cs that you see everyone tattooing on their face. You can do a simple slick back with your edge control to create a nice and clean slicked back style. Regardless, you need it. It’s perfect as your edges will get messy as you’re getting a tan, being active from all the summer festivities or even just chilling in the tropical heat. Most edge controls are travel friendly as they are thick so no need to worry about melting. As well as, they are in a small container that airport authorities don’t have a problem with.

Let us know in the comments which tropical island you’re planning to take a vacation this summer.


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