The summer season is everyone’s favourite season.

The weather is warmer, we can wear shorter clothes as well as have our hair blowing in the wind.

Before you decided to wash your hair and go out, you have to switch up your routine.

The heat from the sun’s rays will be pelting on your curls which can cause damage. As well as, from the chlorine/saltwater that our hair will come into contact with.

So, what do we do differently?

1. Don’t Co-Wash, Shampoo

The summer months are usually hotter which means your roots will sweat more. CO-washers don’t have all the cleansing properties of a shampoo. Therefore, it won’t get your hair extremely clean to remove product build-up, salt, and sebum. Also, summer will have you doing a lot of activities because you’re either living your best life or having a hot girl summer. We may just be applying a lot of products to our hair to keep it curls, in a bun, or a puff. So, using shampoo is the best option for this season.

2. Do Not Skip Deep Conditioning

With the heat penetrating the hair shaft, you need some layer of treatment every week. Your deep conditioner is your best option as it is affordable and gets the job done. Most deep conditioners are made with layers of oils, butter, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that can penetrate the hair shaft with all of its nutrients. Once absorbed into the hair shaft, it will repair any damage done by the sun. As well as rebuild the hair shaft to withstand any damage from chlorine/saltwater. So do not forget to go a week without deep conditioning your hair.

3. Always Use a Mist

This summer will probably be the hottest summer ever as the temperatures will skyrocket depending on the part of the world you reside in. Regardless, our hair is going to need all the hydration that it can get. During this season, it is best to keep a

spray bottle full of water on deck to keep your curls hydrated every morning. As well as, bringing a moisturizing mist on your trips to the pool, vacationing in the Caribbean islands, and even to work. Whenever your curls look and feel dry just spritz and go.

4. Use Heat Protectant

Just as much as your skin needs a heat protectant, so does your hair. You can use your trusty Heat protectants as they protect the hair up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Or use moisturizing products that contain grapeseed oil as it is a natural heat protectant. This will create a barrier so that the heat rays will not be able to reach the hair shaft.

5. Apply Rinse-Out Conditioner before going into the pool

Pools contain chlorine water, and the beach contains saltwater. Both of which can cause severe breakage to your hair if you stay within the water body too long. So, you should drench your hair in a conditioner which will act as a protection layer to the water. So, your curls will stay hydrated while it is underwater.

6. Use Gels, Not Cream-Based Stylers

To avoid humidity and frizz, it is best to use gels. The thicker consistency of gels helps to keep your flyaways at bay. It will hold your curl pattern in place so that heir is no frizz curls. Therefore, your wash and go’s can last longer during the summer weather.


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