Creme of Nature Pure Honey Curl Activator

Creme of Nature Pure Honey Curl Activator


Creme of Nature Pure honey curl Activator, defines and elongates curls, for dry, dehydrated hair, no sulphates, adds shine.

WHY I PURCHASED: I saw a 3b/3c naturalista who swore by this product. The results of her curls were very defined and shiny. From our creamy crack days, we have known of the crème of nature brand. It has stepped into the natural hair industry for a while now and I have not heard much complains about the product. So with all of these factors, I decided to purchase it.


LOOKS: I was expecting the product to be the same colour as the container which falls with the orange colour scheme. However, it is more of a cream or white colour. It is not transparent; it is very opaque. I was shocked because of the definition the 3b/3c girl had, I was expecting it to be clear like a gel or a jelly. FEELS: It did not feel like a gel or jelly product since it said, “Curl activator”. It did not feel sticky or like it would clump my curls in my palms. However, once I applied to my hair, it was different. The feeling was on the creamy end as if it were made with shea butter. SMELLS: The smell is normal. It is a neutral smell that does not do anything. If you have sinus or allergy issues, then you are good to go. HOW THE PRODUCT WORKS: Once applied to damp hair, it should be worked into the section thoroughly. After doing the praying hands method for a specific time, then you should see your curls clumping. This was the vision I saw after seeing the naturalista used the product. My experience was a bit different. I did see my curls clump, but it was not grand. My curls clumped as how it would if I used a creamy styler. It did not clump as much as it would if I had used a jelly styler. Again, I still have high hopes for the product because of the naturalista’s result. I decided to do a twist out, because I just knew that a wash and go was not going to work out. I twisted each section of my hair using the curl activator then let it dry over a 1-to-2-day process. After it dried, I unravelled those juicy twists for work. I was excited with the results because my results were “shiny” and there was “Definition”. After a few minutes, I realised my hair has definition, but it was on the fluffier end. Within a couple of hours at work, my hair was a poof ball.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Everyone knows how it feels to be so excited to use a product and the results are not what you expected. After experiencing the poof ball, I decided to go back to the drawing board. I thought maybe I did something wrong. My hair could have not been damp enough, the product was not coated properly, or I did not brush each section thoroughly. And the results were ………. *drum roll* ………. the same. The twists only lasted for 2 full day. Then, the next day I was back to being a poof ball again. Although the product failed me, I was reminded that testing natural hair products is a journey. Not because the product worked for this individual does not mean it will work for me. As you can see, she had 3b/3c curls while I had 4a/4b curls. Her results lasted her more than 3 days. While my hair could not even make it to day three. So this serves as a reminder to you that even though your products fail, do not get discouraged. Keep at it! You can go back to the drawing board because your technique could have been wrong Or, you have to research more about how to utilise the product to get the results that you want. SIDE NTOE: I still have some of the product left so I am going back to the drawing board to see how I can get it to work.


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