Entwine although has been around since 2010, have started to promote their products. So I decided to try one of their styler which is the “Gel”. I love stylers especially if they will make my twist out look juicier.


Just AMP IT UP & get ready to FLOW! Hold it, Hydrate it. Shine it and Rock a Wash-n-Go like never. This long hold, naturally derived styling & designing glaze fie the hair the perfect balance of hold, hydration, shine & movement all in one BOMB @$$ jar. Go ahead and finally experience shine that just won’t quit, curls that stay popping’ day after day and maximum elongation so even kinky, coily & zig zag patterns so they can enjoy every inch of length. #WINNING!

WHY I PURCHASED: I purchased it because I am a lover of styling products. As well as, the product is marketed in a way that I know it is healthy for my hair. They understand the flack that stylers get the natural hair community for using wacky products that offer no benefit to our hair and scalp. SO why not?


LOOKS: It comes in a black container so at first, I thought the gel was black. When I scooped it out, I realised that it was clear like most of our gels. Its look is like that of the aunt Jackie’s flaxseed jelly that I reviewed a long time ago. FEELS: It feels like a gelly product. it’s not too thick like an eco-styler gel. Nor, is it too lightweight. However, once applied to the hair, you can feel that will work without starting to see your curls clump. SMELLS: It doesn’t have a smell which IO appreciated. Usually gels have a scent to mask the various chemicals used in them. / However, this has no smell so if you have sinus issues, it’s a perfect match. HOW THE PRODUCT WORKS: Once applied to the hair it works \as any styling gelly would. I realise a little goes a long especially if you spritz your hair with water prior. So you don’t need a lot of the product so you’re able to extend the shelf life of it. I used it for my twist out since that\s my signature style. I knew if it failed my hair could easily go into a curly puff or bun. Once applied your curls will start to clump especially if your hair is damp before. Although I used it for a twist out, it really is for wash and go styling. It could be the okra sap that is clumping the curls together and add hydration and shine. Now the product did not fail me at all.

My twist out was a success which I am always happy about.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not only is it a black owned brand, but they do intensive research in the ingredients used in our product. They do not use the favourite ingredients such as shea butter, mineral oil, coconut oil, etc because they simply do not work for an all-naturals They take a more organic and scientific approach to achieving healthy hair. I would say go ahead and purchase it. I even used the styler fir my twist out 2 weeks later.


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