We tend to use the words moisture and shine interchangeably because we assume that they are on in the same. However, they are not. When it comes to the plain old definitions from the English dictionary, they are quite different. As well as, in our hair care journey they are different as well.

SHINE: – “a quality of brightness produced when light is reflected on something”

MOISTURE: – “water condensed in a surface in a small quantity”

After reading both definitions, you’ll notice that they are not the same.

Moisture is the accumulation of the water in every hair strands.

Shine is your hair looking “bright and/or glossy”. Out of the two different terms, moisture is more important. And shine comes form having extremely moisturised hair. So one is the action needed to have healthy hair.

Remember the steps taken on wash days consist of hydrating your hair so that it stays in there for a week. Naturally your hair will lose water molecules as you go about your weekly routine. However, you must put your hair in the best condition that it doesn’t hydration the days away from wash days. Therefore, moisturisation is important. Once your hair is properly moisturised it usually glows from the inside out. This is as a result of your hair being in a healthy state. And, your hair will have the natural sheen.

However, this sheen can come from product use as well. So all the glow that you see many naturals have may not necessarily be from the health of their hair. It could be as a result of the glossy jel or cream that they used. As well as, them sealing their natural hair with oils after styling. And therefore, you shouldn’t be comparing your natural hair to others as what you see may not necessarily be the “truth”. This is where the natural sheen comes from because your hair is in a healthy state.

Now that you know the difference, you can start using the terms correctly. As well as, tailoring your natural hair regimen so that your hair stays moisturised for longer periods of time. And, allowing your hair to naturally achieve the glow instead of relying on the use of glossy products.

Now that we know that we’re the same, I do hope you take heed to what we’re preaching hair. Taking care of your natural hair is easy once you know exactly what to do.

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