We tend to use the words “hydration” and “moisture” interchangeably.

 However, they are not the same.

 They are completely two different words based on their definition in the English Language.

 HYDRATION: – “The process of applying fluid into …. “

MOISTURE: – “Water condensed in a surface in a small quantity”

After reading both definitions, you’ll notice that they are not the same.

 Hydration involves applying water to our hair strands so that it can be absorbed into them.

 While moisture is the accumulation of the water in every hair strands.

 Both are different, however, they each serve a purpose nor have an important step within our natural hair regimen.

 Our hair is usually parched as it goes through a lot daily.

 Our hair is usually in tight sales, under a wig, blowing in the incremental weather, rubbing against our clothes, sebum not travelling to the ends of the hair shaft, and so much more.

 So, we need to hydrate our hair at least every week.

 Hydration usually comes from the products we use such as conditioners, deep conditioners, or even plain old h20 in a spray bottle. Once applied, the h20 molecules will absorb into the hair shaft.

 After completing our 5 or 10 step regimens, we like to ensure that we don’t have to go through it again until the next week or the next 2 weeks. However, sometimes our hair needs a quick pick me up during the week because it became dry again. So, we have to ensure that our hair is “moisturised”. This means that the hydration applied on wash days stays is condensed to the hair shaft for a couple of days. And as such, the emergence of the LOC method or using moisturisers after wash day before styling came up. These help to keeps your hair hydrated for 3 to 5 days depending on the style that you are wearing.

 So, what do we recommend?

 Ensuring that both aspects are catered to in your natural hair regimens.

 After shampooing to remove the product, sweat, sebum and so much more, your hair becomes dry.

 And so conditioning, deep conditioning, leave-in conditioning and spritz your hair will aloe vera juice helps to hydrate the hair. So, you’re able to replenish what was lost during shampooing. As well as, rejuvenate for the upcoming week ahead. As well as, sealing in the hydration previously added with oils, butter or products that have a combination of both.

 Now that we know that we’re the same, I do hope you take heed to what we’re preaching hair. Taking care of your natural hair is easy once you know exactly what to do.

Here are at lookatherhair.com, were committed to continuing to teach you about the health of your hair.


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