If you go into your beauty store, you will see a range of stylers to choose from.
Regardless of the type of brand, it will either be a gel or a cream styler.
So which one is better? It depends on the style than you’re tyring to go for.
Do you want a slick or a fluffy style?
Do you want sheen or volume?

Do you have tight/coily hair or a loose curl pattern?
Do you want the style to last for a week or a couple of days?

All of these questions need to be answered in choosing the product.

So let’s get into each product:

CREAM Styler:-

Cream styles are made wih a soft consistency ingredient such as shea, cocoa, grapeseed or capachu butter. These butters once applied to the hair will provide minimal hold. However, if you have a loose curly pattern, it may provide hold longer than someone who has a tight coily pattern. In addition, cream stylers are very moisturising. How? The butters will hold on to the   hydration that is previously added form your leave-in conditioners. As well as, your cream stylers contain water which is also hydrating each and every hair strands.

Cream stylers are great for every hairstyle if you do not want a sleek hold.
If you don’t want your curls to be extremly defined because you prefer the fluffy or bolumnous look. As well as, by the end of the week you plan to bun your hair up just in time for wash day.

GEL Styler :-

On the other hand, gel styles are great if you want a sleek style. If you want your curls to be extremly defined, shiny and last for more than a week – gels are the go to. They are usually made with ingredinets that are “Sticky” or “gel like”. It allows the curls to clump together to form the specific pattern that you want. For example, your curl pattern will be different for a twist out than a braid out. Depending on the brand choosen, your hair may not be moisturised after rocking the style. Osme gel product ingredinets are very drying on the hair. So ensure to research the brand and ingredinets if you want a sleek hold with moisturising properties.

So if you desire sleek results, go ahead to the store and pick up  gel styler.

There is no right or wrong styler.
It all depends on the outcome you want for your hair.
So when choosing, choose for your hair.


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