I must say I was a bit taken aback when I heard naturals used three different conditioning treatments in their (I knew you were too). I thought that this must be a tactic from manufacturers to make even more money from me. However, after doing thorough research I found that it is beneficial to my hair. As well as, experimenting with leaving out one step, my hair suffered. SO yes the manufacturer may be taking more of my coins however in another post ill share how to save money as a natural.

First up is the conditioner.

The conditioner should be followed up by shampooing your hair.
When companies are manufacturing shampoos and conditioners, they do it so that one works with the other. Why? Because of the molecular compounds that each should have. Shampoos are negatively charged so they will repel what’s on the hair for it to be removed. While conditioners are positively charged so it will penetrate, he hair shaft to absorb it.

Next, we look at key ingredients such as fatty alcohols.
Although alcohols are deemed “bad”, some of them are good. They aid with the penetrating the hair shaft so hats the hydration that was removed from shampooing can be added into it. If you notice after applying your conditioner to wet, your hair becomes pliable. Its easier to move, detangle and your curls start popping. If you don’t notice it then you may be adding too little or too much conditioner. Examples of fatty alcohols to look for are Cetearyl, cetyl and Stearyl alcohol.

Remember to apply as much conditioner as the hair needs.
Do not add too much as the hair will become stiff and the conditioner will sit on the hair. This is probably why you do not notice anything significant after conditioning your hair. The hair absorbs exactly what it needs and ignores the rest.


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