Wash Day Routine

Wash Day Routine

Wash Day Routines can be a hassle especially if you are not sure of what you are doing. Trust me whether you are new or old to your natural hair journey, they are some days when it can be overwhelming. However, if you stick a simple wash day routine all your troubles will be over. Wash Day Routines should be simple, effecting and not time consuming.

In today’s article, we will be sharing with you an example of a wash day routine.


Prepoo is applying oil to your hair prior to shampooing it. It is done to reduce the harsh stripping effect that some shampoos (will be discussed in the nex paragraph) have on the hair. The ooil will coat the hair shaft and condition it. Therefore, it will apply molecules for strength, sheen, moisture retention and so much more. So when you’re the shampoo runs against your hair shaft it will remove some but not all of the benefits. WHAT TO DO: Split your hair into sections before washing it. Then, apply your favourite oil, hair growth oil product or DIY Oil mixture to your roots and hir strands. Ensure to work it in using th epraying hands method so that every hair strand is coated.


Shampooing should be done every week to cleanse your hair. Some naturals may shampoo every to 2 to 4 weeks. However, we recommend not going beyond a month without washing your scalp and hair. Shampoos are made with cleansing agents that are able to remove excess oil and sebum on the hair. One of cleansing agents that should be avoided is “sulphates”. Sulphates are a chemical substance that remove the most stubborn dirt and soiled areas which are usually fund in our laundry detergents and dish washing liquid. Sulphates will leave your hair feeling extremely dry to the point where it can break. So ensure to check your ingredinet list before purchaisng another bottle of shampoo.


When shampooing, you should only be applying shampoo to the scalp of your hair.

after applying it, you would massage it in using the pads of your fingers or your scalp massaging brush. This technique will lift the dirt, oil, sweat and product from your clogged pores. So as to make your scalp be free to promote healthy hair growth. As well as, stop or prevent scalp issues such as dandruff, psoriasis, etc. Now I know youre’ thinking if you just appply the shampoo to your scalp, what about the rest of your hair? The rest of it will be cleansed when you are rinsing our your shampooing. The shampoo and water mixture will runto the hair strands to cleanse them as well.


Next we condition each and every tresses on our head. Conditioning is a step that should not be skipped at all. Once the shampoo strips the hair, the ocnditoner is used to reapply moisture back into your hair strands. As well as, used to remove any knots and tangles that may be un your hair. Conditioners contain ‘cetearyl alchohol”. Cetearyl Alchohol is a fatty alcohol that wil coat the hair strand and impart it’s nutrients into it. This usually results in the hair becoming softer and plaible. Therefore, making your hair easier to detangle.


Split your hair into 4 sections so that it’s easier to condition. Then, take a mini section from each section and coat it with conditioner and water. This mini setion may need more or less water depending on the type of conditoner that your are using. Ensure to glide the product it by using the praying hands method from root to tip. Next, detangle from tips to roots using your favourite detangling tool. For example, your fingers, denman brush, big tooth comb, etc [insert amazon links]


Deep conditoning is fortifying treatment for our hair. After a week of being out in several weather conditionrs, rubbing against our clothes and different objects, strangers and faily memebers touching the hair – it needs some TLC. The best form is by using a deep conditoner that ia made with a wide variety or oragnic oils, natural butters, safe chemicals, and water! This combination is abel to penetrate the hair shaft to repair any broken hair strands, provide intense hydration to your dry strands as well as enhance the natural sheen of your curls


Similar to the other steps, split your hair into sections. Apply a glob of the deep conditioner to each section and work it in using the prying hands method. As well as, you can use your brush or comb to aid in spreading the produt from strand to

strand. Then, twist the section and begin to work on th eother section. After you;ve finished twisitng your hair, apply a steam cap on your head. If you don’t have asteam cap, you can use a steam cap, plastic cap, or plastic cap. The caps will trap the air so that it becomes hot or heated which will lift the cuticles on your hair strands. So that the molecules from the deep conditioner are able to absorb into the cuticle needed to work its magic,.

And voila ! Your wash day routine is complete. .




So, I know you’re expecting the hydrating, moisturising and styling part. However, that will be in another blog post.


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