PRODUCT REVIEW: Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly

PRODUCT REVIEW: Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly

INTRODUCTION: For today’s blog post we’ll be reviewing the Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly. By now you should know that I am willing to try most stylers especially if they are gel like. I love a good styler especially ones that ahs great reviews from you guys and our bigger community. I am a DIY kind of girl and so is the creator of the Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly. She started making her DIY products in her kitchen, sharing them on youtube, selling them on Esty and eventually has gone global. As well as, she has not compromised on the use of natural ingredients in her products, including the gel. So, I decided why not.

DESCRIPTION: Spoil your curls with a natural blend of honey, Jamaican black castor oil, rosemary, horsetail and other fine botanical ingredients. It is perfect for defining all hair types, natural botanical blend that promotes healthy hair growth, detangles as it defines, long lasting hold, shine without the crunch, and locks in moisture.

Ingredients: Key ingredients that re this beautiful botanical blend is water (hydration). As well as, glycerin, honey, Jamaican black castor oil, nettle extract, rosemary, henna, and so much more. I truly love all of the natural ingredients that are in it. It make me feel great knowing that my hair will be nourished while I am using the gel. It is filled with hydration, shine, definition, growth and so much. So I don’t worry about the gel “drying” out my hair or “Scrunching” out the crunch.

HOW IT LOOKS, FEELS AND SMELLS. The gel is a clear gel. There is no colour which was a bit surprising to me because I expected it to take the colour of henna or Jamaican black castor oil which is usually dark. It feels like a perfect blend of a gel with hold and with hydration. I think this is because the first ingredient is water. As well as, it has other hydrating properties in it. So my curls didn’t feel weighed down when applied as is normally the case with thick gels. Once applied it goes on smoothly especially with the praying hands method.

Your curls will start to pop and you can make them pop even more with your Denman brush or detangling brush. It gives you enough hold to do a twist out, braid out and even a wash and go. So, take your pick. And it has a faint crispy, fresh scent. This is the best description because the smell isn’t strong however it spells great. This may be the essential oils that are used within it. So if you like neutral scents or you are allergic – then this could be a choice for you.

HOW I FEEL: STAPLE. This makes me extremely excited to try the other products within the line.

Why? Staple because of what the brand stands for, the ingredients, and the fact that it works on my hair.


This product is great for you if:

1. You have low/high porosity hair

2. You are a fan of wash and gos

3. You are a lover of all natural or organic natural hair products

4. You love supporting black owned brands

SIDE NOTE: I smelled the rest of the product line


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