10 Keys Tip To Grow, Maintain & Retain Healthy Edges

 10 Keys Tip To Grow, Maintain & Retain Healthy Edges

Your edges will make or break your hairstyle.

If they are thin and fine, it tends to show that we are losing our edges, or the hair isn’t growing as fast as It should be. So, we tend to shy away from wearing hairstyles that will bring everyone’s attention to them. Hence, we’re always looking for the solutions on how to regrow our edges to thicker and fuller hairs that they use to be.

Here are 5 tips to regrow your edges:

1] Lay Off the Tight Hairstyles – Tight hairstyles create tension on your edges because the hair follicle is being pulled strongly in different deductions. You should reduce the number of ponytails, braided hairstyles, buns, braided twists, etc. These are not safe for our hair follicles especially the ones around the edges. So, you need to ask your stylist to not be done tightly while looking seamlessly (And yes ladies it can be done!).

2] Use A Healthy Hair Gel – Gels allow our edges to slay and to be sleeked down. However, there are drying alcohols in commercial gels that are contributing to our lack of edges. And as such, we should be using gels with nourishing ingredients. These will be able to penetrate the scalp with the minerals needed to aid in allowing it to function optimally.
Ingredients to look for: horsetail extract, marshmallow root, oils, and water.

3] Let the Hair Be Free – The third tip is to let your natural hair be free. Every so often we are manipulating our hair If we’re not washing it, then we’re combing it or rubbing it against any and everything. And as such, it needs a break occasionally. Just let your fro out and be free.

4] Sleep with A Satin Cap – We all know that a satin cap aids in retaining moisture into our hair strands, so how does it work for our ends? It does the same thing and more. Once the moisture is barred from leaving, the edges will stay hydrated and be able to retain their length. IN addition, the cap acts as a barrier and prevents moisture from leaving, the hair from rubbing against our pillows, sheets, and hair tools. These can cause breakage which is not the goal that we want to achieve, ever.

5] Use A Hair Growth Oil Nightly – You can use a hair growth oil which will promote and encourage your hair to grow, especially your scalp. It contains a blend of growth, essential and sealing oils. These oils are rich in minerals that can penetrate the follicle layer beneath the scalp to reverse, repair or rejuvenate the follicles from any prior damage. Thus, allowing them to function effectively. IN addition, massage the oil into your scalp to increase blood circulation to promote even faster hair growth.

Examples of oils to look for: Castor, Rosemary, Coconut, Tea-tree, Jojoba, Peppermint, etc.

Growing your edges fuller and longer is not an overnight process. You must be consistent with the previously mentioned tips in your routine. Then, after a month or two you will surely start to see results. Let us know in the comments below – how do you regrow your edges.


by Ashley Northover member of the lookatherhair.com team.









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