Maintaining natural hair is easy once you know what to do.
There is information coming from different sources telling us new products, techniques and even fads to try. However, not everything should be tested when caring for your natural hair. There are key essential things that you should do in your natural hair regimen. These will help to grow and maintain the length and health of your hair

1. Deep Condition Your Hair Weekly –
Deep conditioners are a fortifying treatment for our natural hair that should be done on a weekly basis. The ingredients are organic which will nourish the hair strands with moisture, strength, and lustre to it. In addition, it will revitalise your hair by keeping it healthy.


Natual hair 5 ways

2. Massage Your Scalp Nightly 
Scalp massages increase blood circulation to the scalp. Our blood contains all the minerals from the foods that we eat to the various areas of the body. The consistent supply of blood that is being supplied means our hair follicles will receive the nutrients needed for it to thrive. So, it will start to produce healthy long, hydrated and strong hair.

3. Sleeping on Satin Lined Materials 
Unlike cotton, satin acts as a barrier for the moisture in our hair and the outside world. It prevents the moisture from leaving the strands as it would if we had slept on cotton. Have you ever noticed that when you wake up you will see product remnants on your pillowcases? Or that your hair becomes dry, frizzy and difficult to maintain? Sleeping with your satin cap on or on your satin pillowcases or sheets aids in preventing that.


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4. Moisturise using the LOC Method
The LOC method is the best moisturisation technique for our hair strands.
Not only is moisturised added to our parched strands, but it is sealed in. The sealing is the most important step as it prevents the hydration from leaving the hair strand. If moisture leaves then the hair will become susceptible to breakage, knots, tangles and even frizz. The method entails using (L)iquid, (O)il and (C)ream in the order of the acronym.  You should apply a layer of liquid (e.g. water or aloe vera juice). Then, seal it in the moisture using your favourite oil (e.g. olive or coconut oil). Then, the cream will hold everything in using an emollient rich cream (e.g. shea or grapeseed butter).


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5. Detangle Using Conditioner and Your Fingers 
You should not detangle your hair when it is in its dry state. When your hair is dry it is susceptible to breakage which will harbour your hair growth journey. Your hair is easier to detangle with conditioner because it softens the hair strands. Thus, making it easier to remove any tangles. In addition, your fingers can identify any knots as it glides along the hair shaft. So, it can be removed instead of being pulled on as it would with a comb or Denman brush.

These 5 essential things should be added to your natural hair regimen.
There are techniques that will transform the health of your hair without fail.

Let us have a discussion in the comments below which steps you do, don’t do or cannot do.





 by Ashley Northover member of the lookatherhair.com team.


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