Are you addicted to your wig or weaves?

Are you addicted to your wig or weaves?


Weaves have become a central part of a woman’s glamour. They’re fun, versatile, easy, quick and can make any girl feel like a million dollars.

Weaves are perfect. You can have an afro one-day, sleek smooth long hair the next day and then a bob the day after but can you survive without your weave? Do you get nervous if your hairdresser goes on holiday? Do you feel less confident rocking your natural hair without 20 inches of Brazilian Body Wave flowing down your back?


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Are you addicted??? We’ve put the question out there to our fellow hair lovers.

Sam from South London 23 says-I used to wear drawstring ponytails but discovered wigs last summer and haven’t looked back. I agree that it’s addictive. My fake hair has become so much a part of me that I couldn’t imagine going without.

Jade from North London 26-There’s nothing wrong with wearing a wig or weave to switch it up from time to time. If done properly your natural hair can still grow under the weave. I think the line gets crossed when women want people to believe that it’s their actual hair. I have several friends who are addicted. They all have beautiful hair but won’t wear it out.


Trisha 25, from Hackney-A weave makes me feel for more confident. It’s like my suit of armour to go out and face the world.

Hannah from Camden 27-My best friend is addicted to weave. I’ve known her for over 7 years and have only seen her real hair once.

We heard countless stories from friends and family members who’ve worn weaves over the years and have grown an unhealthy attachment to them. Once they’ve taken down their hair, they’re not leaving the house unless they’re going straight back to the salon. Also, stories of women’s boyfriends who have never touched their scalp and co-workers that have never ever seen their natural hair.

The truth is weaves have become a security blanket for many women. As much as we all don’t want to admit it weaves can be addictive. The ease of them, the flexibility and glam of it all there is no hiding the fact that we’ve all gotten a bit too caught up.

As tempting as it might be to put on another set of fresh extensions right back in, DON’T! The reason I say this is that when you wear a weave a small amount of stress is placed on the scalp from the extra weight of the extensions. Your scalp needs time to recover and your hair needs time to breathe but most importantly you need time to get comfortable and confident with wearing your natural hair out. Try and find hairstyle’s you can rock for the next few weeks that doesn’t rely on chemicals or added hair extensions. Therefore, we’ve come up top with 3 tips for you to feel more confident rocking your beautiful natural hair.

  1. Wear it out – Take the step and wear your hair out whether it be to your local shop around the corner or even to the gym. The more you wear it out the more comfortable and confident you’ll become.
  1. Find what works for you – Natural hair can be quiet a handful so it’s crucial to define what works for you from a wash and go, braid out, bantu knots, twist out or braids. Be sure to take time to find what suits you. Once you do that you’re almost there.
  1. Love you -Love yourself, love your natural hair it can be strong statement. Remember… God doesn’t make mistakes.

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