Working from Home (WFH)

Working from Home (WFH)

Hi, my LOVES!

I hope you’re all doing well. As we all adjust to our own new circumstances, as a result, we thought we’d put together some useful tips on how to get the best from WFH (working from home). We hope this helps.


Tip 1. Maintain a structure 

Make yourself a clear schedule/routine and stay committed and consistent. It may be a good idea to have clean-cut boundaries if you start work at 8:45 and you finish at 16:30pm make sure to stick to it.


Tip 2. Take a break

It’s easy to think ”I’m at home so it’s okay to eat as I reply back to my emails.” Don’t short-change yourself during your breaks, especially your lunch. I would suggest you put your lunch break into your work calendar so at least your colleagues will know your away from your laptop. should they need to contact you?


Tips 3. Get dressed 

Comfortable house clothes and a big a duvet for some people is their new desk set up. while this is great it can lead to bad habits. Waking up and getting dressed will improve your state of mind and psychologically prepare you to start the day. Also, it will help you not to get caught out if your manager wants to have a last min video call.



Tip 4. Say good morning

Just like when you walk into the office and say good morning at the start of the day make the same effort to send a good morning message to your team. It can make all the difference. Another thing you can do for fun is schedule a virtual meet up for work drinks, quizzes etc over video call. Recommended apps to use are house party or ZOOM.



Tip 5. Do you boo

Shut down your laptop, do something that makes you happy.


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