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I have an amazing and inspiring  women on the blog today.  I would like you to all meet Shannon aka ‘UK Curly Girl’ she is taking over the ‘HAIR WHAT I’VE GOT TO SAY’ segment.


Shannon aka ‘UK Curly Girl’ began as a curly girl who struggled with her relaxed and damaged hair. She decided to start her natural hair journey turning to the internet for inspiration.

After starting her blog back in 2014 she now has built a following of over 20k, hosted events and worked with amazing brands.

Introduce yourself, what do you do?

My name is Shannon (aka UK Curly Girl) and my passion is to encourage others to embrace their natural hair and improve their lives all together (whilst I go on the journey with them!). I’m also a natural hair blogger, author of ‘Get My Curls Back!’ and the founder/owner of hair tools and accessories brand ‘O So Curly’.


What’s the favourite thing you love about the work that you do?

Having women tell me that my advice or products have changed their lives! It’s so nice to know that your research, hard work and hours put in are so worth it.

Are you natural or relaxed? (is that your natural hair colour and texture)

All natural after transitioning around 4 years ago from damaged, bleached, heat damaged and relaxed hair (eek).


What are your go to products?

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In

Boucleme Curl Cream

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

What is your all time favourite hairstyle?

Box braids! I love having braids in but if I had to choose a natural hairstyle it would probably be a simple high messy bun, that’s my go-to.



What are your 3 top hair care tips?

  1. Sleep on a satin pillowcase! (My favourite is of course from O So Curly) but this accessorie changed my life! I never wake up with messy, frizzy, dry, tangled hair.
  2. Deep condition every time you wash your hair! I recommend weekly.
  3. Apply your leave-in products on wet hair in sections, making sure to apply them to each and every strand.


Do you have a hair routine?

Yes, I wash my hair usually on a Sunday and deep condition for 40 mins, then I’ll style a wash and go or braid/twist out (usually in the winter). Throughout the week I may refresh my curls by co-washing once between shampoos and then just style in a bun for any days I don’t feel like wearing my curls out.


Describe yourself in three words?

Persistent, Caring, Encouraging,

What helps give you inspiration/motivation?

Seeing what I have grown over the past few years from absolute scratch! and how many people have been inspired by my work always keeps me going as I know I can never quit, I’ve come so far now to give up. I also listen to many motivational speakers daily via YouTube, podcasts, audio books, that keeps me uplifted too.

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

Live in Miami for a few months (if you know me you will know I love that place, but couldn’t move forever lol, just want to have an extended holiday you know..)

Pass my driving test (hopefully this will have been achieved by the time I read this again LOL)

Live a financially free life, being able to travel whenever, buy what I want, treat my friends and family, that kind of stuff.

What made you laugh this week?

LOL this is a good 1! I laugh a lot at my damn self but also memes on social media keep me in a good mood if I ever need a pick me up!

Please see links to her blog and socials.

Instagram @ukcurlygirl


Book – Get My Curls Back!

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