How to make your weave last..

How to make your weave last..


Good maintenance of your weave is essential. How you care for your weave determines how long it will last. Weave have become highly popular in urban and pop culture. They’re now a girl’s new best friend. Weave can be super versatile and a wonderful way to create new amazing hair looks that can gives you the opportunity to add length, body and edge to your hair,even more importantly, weaves can be a great protective hairstyle which can help give your natural hair a well-deserved rest from all the day to day styling.


However, as we know weave can be pricey and hard to upkeep especially if you need to get a new install every 4 to 6 weeks. Thankfully we have some simple top tips that will help maintain your weave for longer and without damaging your hair.

  1. Better Quality Will Last Longer.

When it comes to getting a weave, picking the right type of hair can be the deal breaker as there is a wide range of textures to pick from. The BIG question is human hair or synthetic hair? If you want your hair to last, I would personally opt for a high-quality human hair as synthetic fibres tangle and frizz more easily than real hair does which mean that more care and attention is needed. Human hair has a longer lifespan and can be re-used. It can last up to a year as human hair is real hair. It can be coloured, highlighted, straightened, curled, washed and blow-dried which can allow you incredible flexibility when it comes to styling and trying different looks.

  1. Go to a Professional

We all have a friend of a friend, best friend’s cousin that can do hair. This can save you money, however if you want your hair to slay, I would suggest that you go to a professional hair stylist (expert weaveologist) who knows what they’re doing. It may cost you more but its most likely going to be more cost effective in the long run.

  1. Don’t forget about your leave-out and edges.

So many people forget about these two areas until it’s too late and the damage has been done. Make sure to pay extra attention to these crucial areas as extremely tight braids can cause hair loss and this is no joke. Traction alopecia is real! When you get your hair done don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to braid your hair around your edges a little looser. This will ensure when you take down your hair your edges are still intact. Also, the excessive use of hot hair tools can cause heat damage and breakage to your leave-out. Always use a heat protectant on your hair this will minimise any impairment to your hair.

  1. Wash and deep condition

Washing and deep conditioning your weave is the central part in bringing back old and limp weave back to life. Co-wash hair at least every 7-10 days. Do not over shampoo your hair as this can cause dryness to your weave. Shampoo once every 2 weeks if your hair feels heavy or oily in between washes use a dry shampoo to get back that lift and volume back into your hair.

  1. Moisturize and oil your hair.

Don’t disregard your natural hair underneath your weave as this is so easy to do. We tend to only take care of the weave to keep hair looking shiny, bouncy and moisturized. Don’t forget to apply a small amount of your favourite leave-in conditioner and oil to your weave and natural hair every other day. If you can’t reach your natural hair try mixing your leaving conditioner and oil in a spray bottle and spray it on directly to the root of your hair. Once this has been done massage gently into your scalp and through your natural hair. Trust me your hair will thank you.

  1. Wrap it up

Never go to bed without wrapping up your hair wrapping up your hair in a head scarf at night. This will prevent it from tangling or getting frizzy and help keep the moister in your hair. The best scarfs to use are satin or silk scarfs. You can also use a satin/ silk pillowcase which also helps protect your weave too.

  1. Take a Break

Our final tip… GIVE YOUR NATURAL HAIR A REST! It is wise to give your scalp and hair a break from the tension of being in a weave for an extended amount of time. Remember your hair is like a plant it needs sunshine, air and lots and lots of moisture. Also, it’s good to enjoy the growth results of your natural hair from properly taking care of your weave. So, make sure to take regular breaks between your weave’s.

               I hope you have a happy hair day. 😊


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