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Hi my lovely friends, I have two lovely ladies  today on my  I would like you to all meet @2CurlieSouls they is taking over the ‘HAIR WHAT I’VE GOT TO SAY’ segment.


Introduce yourself, what do you do?
Hi, our names are Salome Beyene and Mannen Asefa and we are the Founders of @2CurlieSouls.
2 Curlie Souls (2CS) serves to remind Black Women to unapologetically shine our light and embrace our magic. We are committed to liberating all women by embracing this concept: Our curls do not define us, rather, we define our curls. But this goes beyond Black Hair; we define who we are from the core, we don’t let outside noise define us.
2CS is a hub that affords space for women of color (WoC). A space that respects our authenticity, prioritizes our well-being, and hosts thought-provoking discussions. We are one of the few virtual spaces that encourages vulnerability and transparency while sharing our stories as we navigate through Black Womanhood.



What’s the favourite thing you love about the work that you do?
You know that magical energy that saturates a room of Black Women? That very familiar and super powerful feeling? By creating a space for us and by us, we get to bring that energy together. Interestingly enough, we (Black Women) share similar yet unique journeys, but aren’t always given the opportunity to express ourselves. With that being said, our favorite part of 2 Curlie Souls would be the 2CSTalks. This is the quarterly, round-table discussions that we host for Black Women to discuss the 2CS Talk Theme.
2CS Talks: Natural, was our first talk which occurred in June 2018. This brought together women who at first were strangers to one another, but by the end, all left with a new network of connections and mentors. At this talk, we discussed what it means to be “natural” and our journeys of being natural in the workplace, family dynamics, and platonic/romantic relationships. We love being able to create a space that respects authenticity and values vulnerability is definitely our favorite part.
Our next talk, “2CS TALKS: 243%” will be hosted sometime during Black History Month to explore Black Maternity and the scary fact that Black Women are 243% more likely to die while giving birth than our white counterparts. 243%. Let that sink in. When bringing life to the world, we are 243% more likely to lose our very own life. The fact of the matter is, we aren’t being heard. For an exclusive invitation to this talk, be sure to subscribe to THE HUB: (

Are you natural or relaxed? (is that your natural hair colour and texture)
We’re both natural. Both of us have played around with all sorts of colors and dyes.

What are your go to products?
Mannen’s go to product line are NYC Curls: the Cleanser and the Conditioner. She uses the conditioner as a leave-in after cleansing. These products make her curls pop even regardless of she decides on a wash and go or a braid out. It’s water-based, contains no parabens or sulfates, and does a wonderful job hydrating her hair.

Salome’s go to product is the NYC Conditioner. She applies this in the shower and doesn’t wash it out, it’s proven to be the perfect leave in conditioner! For laid edges, Salome relies on eco-styler gel aka her most prized possession.

What is your all time favourite hairstyle?
You can find Mannen always rocking braids without the extensions! Braids braids braids! She’s even mastered getting her time down to 20 minutes for about 30 braids.
Salome loves a wash and go. It’s easy and allows her to play around with different products, consistently. We’re both entering this new year with a very open-mind and creative focus on trying new styles. New Year, New Hair?!

What are your 3 top hair care tips?
1. Drink water! Carry that water bottle.
2. Wrap your hair when your sleeping in a silk scarf and/or use a silk pillowcase; your hair and skin will love you
3. Use conditioner.

Do you have a hair routine?
We do!
Mannen: I cleanse my hair with sulfate-free cleanser and apply conditioner as a leave-in and then I finger detangle/rake my hands like a madwoman through my drenching wet hair until curls form and I leave it to air dry or I braid it into 30 braids or I create 2 Dutch braids. It really just depends on where I am going and how much time I have.

Salome: I no longer use shampoo. It makes my hair so brittle. Like Mannen, I cleanse with a sulfate-free cleanser. My hair requires a LOT of conditioner so when in the shower, I apply conditioner and use both my fingers an a detangling comb to get through my hair. After conditioning, I follow the LOC method: leave-in conditioner, oil, curl cream; from there, I let my curls do it’s thing!


Describe yourself in five words?
As a brand, we’d describe @2CurlieSouls as creative, supportive, authentic, dynamic, and Black.

What helps give you inspiration/motivation?

Music! Any song, genre, whatever, I will listen to it. You will literally hear me singing everywhere I go, making up words to songs because I can never remember the lyrics to anything or I’m making up songs that usually never make sense. Being silly is the biggest stress reliever for me. I am also very inspired by the idea of being me; it’s something to celebrate because at a deeper level, who we are today would have never been. The various possibilities of who I could be, is crazy if you think about it. Another motivator, which I think is important, is this idea of community. I would probably never wear my hair in braids, if I wasn’t brought up to do so and I want to be that person in my community. I want people to know that wearing your hair in “unconventional” ways is okay to do in any environment.

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?
Salome: 1. travel the world, starting with all of Africa 2. get my MPH 3. skydive
Mannen: 1. Glass blowing 2. Be on a radio show 3. Perform live

What made you laugh this week?
Mannen: Everything. Everyone can attest that I laugh at everything. Today I laughed at my friend who thought someone called her name and she just looked around searchingly with the funniest expression on her face. I really wish I had taken a picture.

Please leave see links to they blog and any other contacts details.
IG + Twitter: @2CurlieSouls

Have a happy hair day.


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