Hairstyles Of The Week


It’s Monday! I hope your enjoy the day.

Here is some Monday Motivation for you all

“The attitude of a lifetime is not easy to change overnight;but if wear your new outlook every day,it will soon become your second skin.”

Top Tip

Do Your Hair the Night Before.

Everyone has experienced taking the time to do their hair only to go outside and have it instantly frizz up.  Doing all the hard work the night before. (It’s a big time-saver, too!)

“If you’ve got a big event but your hair is unruly, wash and blow-dry your hair the night before then loosely plait it or twist into a top knot, “After sleeping on it, the frizz will have settled and your locks will be smoother, with a natural looking wave.

The hair

Today hairstyles of the week is give us life. Work it girl !



Have a happy hair day 🙂 xx


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