Our Ideal Lipstick Is Here.-Patricia Bright

Our Ideal Lipstick Is Here.-Patricia Bright


When it comes to beauty what’s more iconic than tube of lipstick? So, it was only a matter of time before our YouTube sister Patricia Bright got to put her stamp on the cult classic. Our Britpop princess (if you know, you know) teamed up with Mac Cosmetics to deliver a rich warm chocolate lipstick, which Patricia cleverly dubbed the “office bitch” lipstick.lipsick PB

The lipstick is a semi-matte finish that doesn’t bleed or budge. It’ silky, velvety and full of moisture, I felt like I was spreading happiness all over my lips and I truly think this lipstick hits the mark. I literally can’t stop wearing, this is probably partly due to that I am super proud of Patricia and how far she has come but mostly because the lipstick immediately makes me feel like I am the bomb.com, like literally I could be wigless and my brows not filled in yet I would still feel like I could take your man.

The colour is buildable and can be worn as a super deep brown or can be kept light for a perfect shade of nude. The all-rounder lipstick is good for day or night work and play. It comes in a neat, compact case which was creatively designed and signed by the M∙A∙C maker herself.

You can tell Patricia was looking out for all females when coming up with the shade and finish. I think every girl needs this lipstick in her collection.

blog-post by  Stephanie Owusu xxx


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