Diaries Of A Secret Shopper. 

Diaries Of A Secret Shopper. 

Hi lovely’s, so we’re back with a new segment, we have real people, who used their real MONEY to get their hair done. We’re personally reviewing all the hottest Instagram salons, to give you all the Tea, info and even a little bit of dirt. We asked the big QUESTION… are these salons really worth the hype?

So we’re kicking off this new series with the super hyped Doll House Salon. They have been all over our IG feed giving us all life, making girls look like tasty snacks, laying down girls hair and making people re-think  their lives. #HairGoals

READ on if you want to find out more about one our  secret shoppers experience. They spent their hard earned cash and  trust us it wasn’t cheap.

The price at Doll house salon can set you back an eye watering £175 YES!  This isn’t  even including the hair. So all in all, be ready to spend over £300 to get you hair slayed. NOW i know what you’re thinking, is it even WORTH IT? Keep reading and you’ ll see.





Secret Shopper Hair Babe number 1:

The Dollhouse experience…

Scanning through Instagram as I do most mornings on my commute to work, the tube hit the tunnel and I looked up and saw my reflection in the blacken windows and noticed my wig had shifted 2 centimetres to the left. It now looked like I couldn’t decide between a middle part or a side part #BlackGirlProblems! I needed my hair done, and when I say done I mean DID (Hunty). I had wanted to try out an ’Insta Salon’ for a while but never had the desire to spend the coins on them, especially when I knew my mate Ali Express could construct, style and deliver a wig for half the price. After careful review of my lop sided wig, I looked into the best places to get my hair back to a presentable state. I came across the popular ‘Insta Salon’ The Dollhouse Salon, their Insta page dripped slayage and practically every girl that left their presence looked amazing. They had worked their magic on many Instafamous and Youtube bloggers so I knew I would be in safe hands going with them, so I decided to bite the bullet and book an appointment.

Overall experience:

The overall experience was nice, a lovely pamper session and hears why; once you start wearing a wig you can go months or even years without visiting a hair salon. In the era of YouTube and DIY, you could easily give yourself a wash, treatment and trim in the comfort of your own home. But nothing beats a lovely pampering session and trust me, my Dollhouse experience is with my stylist was pure luxury.


After deciding to go with Dollhouse London I went onto their Instagram page to book. Booking was pretty straightforward, I clicked the link in the bio which took me straight to their booking page. I opted for full a wig with a lace frontal (£175) and I added additional styling (£25). Note there is a 25% non-refundable deposit fee.



On the morning of the appointment I washed and blow dried my hair as instructed by the Dollhouse team via my email confirmation. The salon is located on a highroad and about 7 min walk from caledonian road & barnsbury station. The salon is easy to spot which is ideal for people who are traveling in from other cities.


 I remember thinking, the shop wasn’t as big as I thought. I was met by staring faces, ‘ I have an appointed’ I said, ‘Yeah, who with?’ said the receptionist, LOL you couldn’t hit me with a ‘hello good afternoon?’ I thought to myself but said ‘Stylist 1’. Stylist 1 beamed up and said that’s me and took me to my seat. She was lovely, very chatty and social and made me feel super comfortable. She braided my whole head in less than 20 minutes and began the construction of my wig. All wigs are made on site and during your appointment, so you must leave at least two hours for your fitting. Once the wig was fitted, stylist 1 laid my hair to perfection. When I mean I had a jaw dropping moment, I’m not kidding. My hair made me feel beautiful and she had done a phenomenal job.


End result:

My hair felt Instagram zero filter worthy, as in 60 likes in 60 seconds worthy. I loved my hair and yes que all the hair clichés, ‘Yes sis’, ‘hair is slayed’, ‘lace where’? It felt good to get my hair done and

even better knowing my expectation were met. In all, my service from my stylist was lovely, but I could tell the other stylists weren’t as chatty to their clients but overall where super nice.


SO is it worth it?…

I  say 100% …YES! The best feeling is getting your hair done and it actually-genuinely comes out as you imagined.

Okay, it can be prices but… if you want to slay you’ve got to pay!

We hope you liked what are “Secret Shopper Hair Babe” had to say. Please come back and see who we have next, on are segment  Diaries of A Secret Shopper.



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