The 90’s Bob Braids Trend Is Back?

So, who loved the 90’s like I did,put your hands up.

I am so happy that this trend is coming back, the bob braids.

This hairstyle bring me back to the good old days. The Moesha, Brandy,TLC and Aaliyah days, if your feeling what I’m saying please give amen in comments.

One thing I can say is Braids are always in style. There’s nothing more edgy and dynamic the braids.  The bob braid hairstyle, give the braids look that extra something something. This style is extremely versatile and appropriate for all ages. Here are a few pictures that may inspire you to bring it back to the 90’s.


Bob Braids 1.jpg


Bob Braids 2

Bob Braids 3


Bob Braids 4


Have a happy hair day, ๐Ÿ™‚


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