’90s Hair Accessories That Are Making A Comeback -Thank you Luxy hair.

Thank you Luxy hair.

The ’90s was a decade that brought us outrageous fashion, boybands with frosted tips and the Tamagotchi.

“The bigger, the better” was the motto, and fashionable hair accessories in particular rose in popularity. Surprisingly, today the ’90s is making a strong comeback. High end fashion lines like Prada, Versace and Gucci are all incorporating ’90s staples in their recent fashion shows (luckily all of them were smart enough not to include frosted tips).

Watch the video below to watch the Luxy Girls try these fun hair accessories, or scroll down below for a quick recap. How many can you recognize?

1. The Scrunchie

hair accessories '90s scrunchieEveryone had a scrunchie lying around when they were growing up in the ’90s. People loved them because they wouldn’t crease the hair. It was also a popular look to stack a bunch of scrunchies on your ankles for a leg warmer look (can you imagine that?)

2. Barettes

hair accessories '90sIn the ’90s, Barrettes were easily accessible, cheap and colorful. They’re gaining a resurgence once again with many celebrities and fashion icons sporting this look casually and on the red carpet. Would you rock them?

3. Butterfly Clip

hair accessories '90s

The Butterfly clip in the ’90s was just an easy way to get that long hair out of your face while you waited for your dial-up internet to load (if you don’t know what that is, consider yourself lucky). Its purpose has remained the same since although some have been featured on the runway very recently.

Source: Alexander Wang 2018

4. The Headband Comb

hair accessories '90s

In the ’90s, that sporty spice look was ALL the rage. Sporty girls would wear this on the go to get their hair out of their face. It was the one stop fix for looking put together while still feeling confident. With Athleisure being a major trend in 2018, it’s no wonder these headbands are making a comeback. Ever tried one? It’s perfect for the gym.

5. Baby Butterfly Clips

hair accessories '90s

Every teen celebrity wore them, and for good reason! They came in so many colors and were easy to clip away stubborn fly-aways. Today many people wear them for the same reason. They’re subtle yet add that certain ‘zing’ to your look. Bonus points – stack them row by row and make it look like a headband. Now that’s a banger.

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