Top 4 Hair Oil’s You Need To Try.

Top 4 Hair Oil’s You Need To Try.



Today we have Stephanie who talking all things hair oils. Stephanieis the creator of HonestHairDiary,com , a blog about all things natural hair and lifestyle. She also has a YouTube channel and Instagram by the same name, reviewing hair products, trying new hairstyles and more.

I hope you enjoy her post. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oils are such an important part of hair care! I haven’t experimented with many oils but these are my top 4 that I have tried. I use these for pre poo’s, sealing moisture into my hair, and a few on my scalp to keep it moisturized. I get these all from my local beauty supply store but I make sure it is 100% natural oil.

Tea Tree Oil
This is my favorite of all the oils! It is one of the few things that quickly relieve my itchy scalp. I love putting this on my scalp after washing my hair and especially when I have in a protective style.

Grapeseed oil
This oil smells so good! I use it as a sealant and also on my scalp. While it is great for sealing and a great lightweight oil to have, I mostly love it for the smell.

Coconut oil
I used to put this oil on my scalp but I have recently found it clogs my pores and causes itchiness! I used to use it on my skin but it made me feel even drier than when I started and may have caused blocked pores as well.  Now I will strictly use it for what it does best, making my hair shiny and controlling frizz. I use this when taking down twists or braids, and it actually works.

Jojoba Oil
This is the only oil I use on both my face and hair so it runs out the quickest. This is also a light weight oil. It is a great sealant and I use it on my scalp and massage my edges with it.  I use this on my face sometimes after washing it and it really makes my face super soft the next morning!

I have used Jamaican black castor oil and because of how thick it is its not my favorite. It’s not an everyday oil I would use. What oils have you tried?


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