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Hi my lovely friends, we are back with ‘HAIR WHAT I’VE GOT TO SAY’ today we have the lovely MoChunks. she is taking over the ‘HAIR WHAT I’VE GOT TO SAY’ segment.

Introduce yourself, what do you do?
My name is Mo, but most people refer to me as MoChunks. This is my brand name. I am a media personality mainly, and then I delve into other creative roles, such as speaking, writing, film production and creative directing.
All of these roles aid the running of an online TV channel, MoChunks TV, as well as our website , which features, chunks of Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment and Relationships.


What’s your favourite thing about your work?
The fact that it’s so unpredictable; you can have goals and preset plans, however, creativity cannot be boxed, neither can the opportunities which come your way be anticipated sometimes.
Everyday is a day to learn something new; I’m glad I get to explore so many ideas and bring them into reality through my content.
Are you natural or relaxed (is that your natural hair colour and texture)
I have natural afro hair; it’s texture is coarse and I believe it’s a type 4C. It’s black.


What are your go to products?
I like natural products, my fave is shea butter. It’s nice and thick; reaches deep into my hair cuticles and saturates them with moisture. I tend to use this after a wash and condition.
I also use a lot of water and hair mayonnaise, to refresh my hair everyday.
What is your all time favourite hairstyle?
I love a sleek top bun!

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What are your 3 top hair care tips?
When i first went natural, one of the natural hair gurus I started watching was Chiaka Valentina, she said something that really stuck with me and I live by till today, “Your hair is like a plant, you have to water it.” and this is it really, you have to carefully nurture your hair and one of the ways to do that is by nurturing it.
Second tip is moisture of course, you must know which oils work for your hair. Not everyone’s hair type is receptive to coconut oil, some like mine need thicker oils like shea butter.
Third tip, avoid too much product and/ or product buildup. This can weigh heavy on your strands and do more damage than good.


Do you have a hair routine?
I keep it simple really. I tend to wash my hair every two weeks, more often if i’m using products like gel. I condition like normal each time. Every now and again, I’ll do a deep condition, with products like egg, mayonnaise, honey and conditioner. I moisturise with shea butter and hair mayonnaise as I described previously.

Describe yourself in five words?
Strong, Determined, God-fearing, Kind and Intelligent.

What helps give you inspiration/motivation?
God is my number one source, the world is my second, people are my third.

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What are the top three things on your bucket list?
Hmm. I don’t really have a “bucket list” but I love to travel, so I’d like to travel for both work and leisure.
I want to learn how to swim.
I want to take my fitness seriously also, so I’m looking forward to being in the best shape of my life.

What made you laugh this week?
My sister being her usual silly self.

Please see links her contacts and website.
YT: MoChunks TV |
Social media handles: @mochunks // @mochunkstv


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