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Hi my lovely friends, I have wonderful women today on my blog.  I would like you to all meet Afi, she is taking over the ‘HAIR WHAT I’VE GOT TO SAY’ segment. Piss.. She is amazing hairstylist. Make sure you book with her.

  1. Introduce yourself, what do you do?

 My name is Afi Emily Attipoe and I’m a freelance hairstylist specializing in braids and hair care.

  1. What’s the favourite thing you love about the work that you do?

My favourite thing about work is that I love what I do. And inspiring people.

  1. Are you natural or relaxed?

 Right now I’m a part of the transitioning crew 😊 So about 75% of my hair right now is natural. I haven’t used relaxer for just over a year now.

  1. What are your go to products?

 My go to products are definitely Natural Raw Shea Butter and Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning hair repair cream.

  1. What is your all time favourite hairstyle?

 My favourite all time hairstyle is a high ponytail aka pineapple up do.

  1. What are your 3 top hair care tips?

My top 3 hair tips are:

     1* Always condition your hair after shampooing.

You’d think that everyone does this but you’d be surprised to learn that a lot of people don’t.

I always say just like you wouldn’t wash your clothes without softener, you shouldn’t wash your hair without conditioner.

  2* Trim your hair. Usually between 3-4 months.

3* Treat your hair, hot oil treatments are good.

  1. Do you have a hair routine?

I don’t really have a hair routine as my hairstyles always vary, but I never go to bed without my headscarf.

  1. Describe yourself in five words?

 I’d describe myself as

Straight talking



Fun Loving

Big lover

  1. What helps give you inspiration/motivation?

What gives me motivation is reading my bible.

  1. What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

 The top 3 things on my bucket list are

To travel the world and volunteer where I can

Open a home for disadvantaged kids

Fly a plane

What made you laugh this week?

My god daughter who is 3yrs always makes me laugh. She’s very advanced. So she comes out with the funniest phrases.


Have a look at same of Afi hair work, she has done. See blow


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