5 Things Every Girl Needs In Her On-The-Go Beauty Bag

5 Things Every Girl Needs In Her On-The-Go Beauty Bag

Hey, so today I will let you now what is a must have for a women on the go!

1.Fist off,have a pair of foldable flats for when your feet get to tired of being in hells. You can find them just about anywhere, and they won’t take up a lot of room in your bag!

2.Carry a travel sized version of a facial refreshing spray. This will banish redness, get rid of dry patches and give you an overall, effortless glow.

3.To keep your on point  always keep you fingers and toes on point, so keep a clear or sheer shade of nail polish with you at all times for a quick sprucing up.

4.Some days our hair just doesn’t cooperate and we don’t have time to really work with it in the mirror. On these days, keep a set of bobby pins, a toothbrush, a mini edge control or pomade and headband at your desk.

5.Carry a waterproof, defining mascara for naturally lifted and fluttery lashes. Maybelline’s Push-Up Drama is my favorite drugstore on-the-go option. If you want to splurge a little?

I hope this help you, and remember you are magic!




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