Hairstyles Of The Day. Pink Hair

Hey loves, as a girl I love the color Pink and It looks like I am not the only one that love the color. it been a big trend to get Pink hair BUT make sure you do it right.

Get It Done Professionally

Not to sound bougie, but getting a hair color like this one done at a salon rather than DIY it in your own bathroom is probably your best bet. Your trained colorist can get a much better pink color for you than you can at home. Not only will the product used most likely be better quality (and possibly stronger), but they can do the requisite prep as well. When asked if the salon is a better idea than a box dye, Papanikolas says, “Definitely. It usually requires pre-lightening for best results.” If you’re serious about your pink, save up some money, and make an appointment!


I hope to see you next week. xxx




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