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Hey my loves, today it all about Braids/Cornrows. Over the last few years, braids/Cornrows have really gripped our imaginations — thanks, Solange and Bey and all the lovely ladies who rock them so well.

However when thinking  about getting Braids/Cornrows.  make should you know what style to choose, consider your daily routine.How much time do you really  have in morning.

For my Low-maintenance ladies who don’t have much time, may I suggest to stick to cornrows. AS Cornrows are easy and don’t  take much maintenance.

Ask your stylist to get creative with the pattern. You could even add some hair jewelry to give your hair the pop pop!!

Braids/Cornrows we are in love with them. The hair look  that you see below  ‘chunky cornrows’.are so easy to do and look so amazing.!!!

PISSSSSS ……….Quick tip

Cover your  Braids/Cornrows while you sleep.

Covering your braids while you sleep will reduce flyaway hairs and frizz. You can use a hair wrap, scarf.or silk pillowcase , is ideal because it won’t take moisture out of your hair while you sleep. Cover your hair every night right before you go to sleep.




I hope to see you next week. xxx


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