Hi my lovely friends, your back thank you!

we have the best top tips of the week we being to you some real goodies this week let us know what one you will try out for yourself.

1.It’s a simple one, but a goodie – comb through your conditioner! The condition of my hair has improved so much!

2.Freeze tropicana orange juice in ice cube trays and then rub the frozen cubes over your face. The cold ice will wake the skin up, tighten pores and calm spots and the vitamins and anti-oxidants in the juice will do wonders for the skin. The orange will really brighten your skin!

3.I get very dry hands for an instant fix use the rind of a lemon rub the white bit of the rind on the dry skin and voila

4.Baby Oil – Amazing for dry skin, split ends, a serum on hair and make up remover. And really good value too!!

5.Spray water onto your face lightly with a small spray watering can to give your makeup a freshen up



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