Beauty Alert

Beauty Alert

Hi here are some fantastic beauty tip for you. I hope you like them.

OH YE Let me know what one is your favourite one.

1.Concealer is only half the battle when it comes to fixing flaws. To perfect your complexion (no matter the skin tone), try lipstick in a warm pink. “It distracts from blemishes and other imperfections,” .

2.Trying to look well rested when you aren’t? Avoid piling on the foundation. Use a tinted moisturiser instead, followed by a beige eye pencil—it counteracts any redness around your eyes.

3.Large pores are caused by two things: genetics and age. Want to shrink them? Go to a dermatologist or a spa to get microdermabrasion treatments, a type of facial that gently sloughs off the dead surface layer of skin.

4.Even if you didn’t get enough sleep last night, nothing wakes up a face like bright cheek colour. Consider a cream blush with red or pink overtones. Blend and taper into the apples of your cheeks and set with loose powder.

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