Want to know your porosity & maintain your hair type!

Want to know your porosity & maintain your hair type!


HI, we are back and telling you all about your hair porosity.

So what even is a hair porosity test? It’s not as technical as it sounds.  so stay with ladies.Each strand of your hair can open and close to let moisture and products in and out, kind of like a controllable sponge. Your hair has more ‘holes’ if it’s been bleached, chemically straightened or heat damaged, so it’ll soak up everything but also lose it. Likewise, if your hair has less holes, it’ll struggle to absorb products and all its natural moisture remains locked inside.  I know what your thinking how interesting and HOW can



Just drop a clean, short strand of your hair in a glass of room temperature water and look for your results: see this video on how to test your hair poroity by SunKissAlba




Have A Happy Hair Day 🙂 xxx


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