Style It On: How to create a pretty twisted updo for natural curly hair with Mini Marley

How to make a pretty twisted updo for natural curly hair by Mini Marley


Apply leave-in conditoner.

To create this curly updo you’ll want to start with clean tresses, so wash you hair with the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo andConditioner. These products will nourish your curls, smooth away frizz, and make your locks feel ultra soft!Also, before you begin styling your locks, spray the Tresemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist all over your mane. This nifty product will help condition and detangle your strands like a dream, not to mention leave them smelling divine! What more could a girl want?!

Section hair and part.

Now section your hair in half horizontally into 2 big sections (the top and the bottom), and clip the bottom section out of the way for the time being – we’ll come back to it later!Then, using a comb, take a 2-inch wide section from the front of your hair and create a neat curved parting.

Apply gel and twist.

For a super sleek look, follow Mini Marley’s handy tip: squirt some gel onto a spare toothbrush and use it smooth down your fuzzy edges. Then, taking the first small section of hair, create your flat twist.To do this, simply divide the small section near the parting into 2 smaller, equal parts and twist these sections around each other. Make sure to use the parting as a guide as you move back along it. When you’ve reached halfway down the back of your head, secure your twist with a clear elastic. See? Not as hard as it looks!

Repeat the twisting process.

Repeat the twisting process on your the rest of your front section of hair, making sure to secure each section with clear hair elastics.

Create a puff updo.

To create your cute puff updo, pull a large elastic headband over your head and create a high ponytail!Editor’s tip: If you want to make your updo more sleek like Breanna’s, simply use more hair gel on the edges of your hair and a natural bristle brush to help smooth it down.

Wrap up your hair and set with hairspray.

After you’ve fashioned your natural curly hair into a pineapple, wrap a silk scarf around the twists to help lay them down. Then, set the look with some Toni&Guy Body Amplify Creation Hairsprayas this will keep your twists in place day-to-night!

Final look.

And there you have it: a pretty, twisted updo that will show off natural curly hair like a dream!

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