3 Things You Should Know About Braids/ Twists Extensions

3 Things You Should Know About Braids/ Twists Extensions

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The first review is by an amazing  women  Lola Onafuye she is  a hairstylist and mum. Lola is all about natural hair. She is the one of the new hair insider  here at  LookAtHerHair. 


  1. Braids help with length retention

The everyday care that goes with looking after your hair can increase the risk of breakage, as you comb, detangle and style your hair.

Braids allow for your hair to take a break from all the stress we sometimes put on our hair

  1. It is best to leave your braids in for no longer than 6 weeks

I have had customers who have left their braids in for more than 2 months. Their hair usually becomes extremely matted which therefore requires a longer time being spent detangling which results in more stress being put on the hair, leading to an increase in breakage.

  1. Do not braid your hair too tight

There seems to be a myth about having tight braids. It is believed that the tighter the braids the longer it lasts. This is true to a certain extent. As the braids should be as close to the scalp as possible, but not to the extent where you are experiencing headaches for days and are unable to move your head for hours. Let your stylist know when the braids are causing you any discomfort as it can result to hair breakage.

Braids/ twists are a great protective style. They are so versatile! They can be styled in so many different ways

Here is a link to her YouTube video showing you 9 ways to style your twists, braids and locs



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