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The Beauty Insider

Hi my lovely, we have we new segment called the “Beauty Insider”.  Whoop Whoop!!

This segment is going to give us all just what we need “The real sh*t!”

This is for the real from the real!

The first review is by an amazing and upcoming YouTuber Reanna.Elwin  she is are new beauty insider for here at  LookAtHerHair



So let’s get started!


The unique shape and superior quality makes this your new must-have makeup sponge blender.

Where did you hear about this product?

A review by ‘eltoria’ on youtube

How is it best used?

Blending out foundation and or concealer

What does it smell and feel like?

Honestly I don’t think it smells of anything. There isn’t a strong enough scent coming from it for me to catch a smell (which is really good cause a lot of makeup products or makeup tools tend to have a strong smell like chemicals or it had just come out of a factory haha)

How much does it cost?

£7.46 with free post and package!!

Where can you buy it from?

There website or on amazon

How do you rate it out of 10?

10/10 defiantly

Overall overview of the product….

The most used product when doing makeup is foundation or concealer and in my opinion there is NO better tool than to use the pamper therapy sponge to blend them out. The bottom of the sponge is round and once dampened with water it blends the foundation so smoothly. There is also a flat side of the sponge with a pointed corner which is perfect for getting right in the corner of your eyes when blending concealer; I feel as though the design of other sponges doesn’t work as good as this sponge especially when blending concealer around your eyes because it’s too bulky or not pointed enough but this sponge is just perfect.

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