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The women behind this blog.

 I hope you like this new segment to my blog. I wanted to give you  abit of myself and also show  you how I feel. I wanted to make 2017 more personable and bring my personality to my blog. If your reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME. XXX

SO let’s begin!



Dear Diary


Can you give me a minute to think. What has happen to all the real hair and beauty products  reviews. I mean what’s happened to the realness, when you’ve gone down to local PAK’s and bought a new item and it was amazing! This product has change up your hair game,beauty game or whatever.A big  game changer. It was so good you had to tell all your Facebook, Twitter, Insatagram, Snapchat friends, family and whoever else would listen to you.

I understand that nowadays its common for  bloggers get paid to do reviews. If you’re lucky enough to get money from a brand, i get it can be easy to bend the truth about products and brands. It’s ok girl, go get your money.We all know that money talks.

BUT BUT BUT, Please stop trying to fool us.What I do not like is when I see a review, and here it’s  a 10 out 10. so I  get all happy thinking YES GOD this product is the one.  It most be  good  the girls on YouTube and the blogs say so.

So what do I do it,I go and spend  my hard earned money  and  buy the products , thinking it’s going to work just as good for me as it did for them. I’m feeling all confident and happy thinking i got the inside scoop. However when I try it or use it… At best it’s a 5 out of 10. To be honest it would’ve been a 4 out of 10 but I feel too shameful because I got suckered in and paid so much foolish money for the products. Now I’m upset because these so called  hair and beauty gurus  were saying how great it is.  All I got for my money is lost hope and a semi OK product. Also along with my bank balance giving me all type of bad attitude. 

Can someone feel my pain??? OK not pain but something like it.


P.S  Come back next week for more dishing the dirt. HAVE A HAPPY HAIR DAY !

xxx 🙂 xxx 



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