Hair What I’ve Got To Say.

Hair What I’ve Got To Say.

Hair talk

Hi my lovely friends I would like you to meet Kenny  she is taking over the ‘HAIR WHAT I’VE GOT TO SAY’ segment.

Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow is a published fashion scholar and writer. She uses her blog as a platform on which to discuss the intricate details of the fashion and food industries, from a socio-political perspective, focusing on community, ethical production and sustainable design. True luxury is artisanal quality, an ethos she tries to maintain in her work.


The platform is a long form and photo essay style publication, that aims to not only celebrate the positive impact ‘design done right’ can have on communities and cultures, but the world at large.

Introduce yourself, what do you do?

The blog IIIRD CITIZEN is so entitled for the three countries Kenny originates from and explores through her work; South Africa, England and the United States. Currently based in New York, she commutes between Johannesburg, London, Cape Town and New York throughout the year, to stay current on popular culture, going wherever the research leads.


A well-travelled digi-cultural anthropologist, Kenny uses blogging as a tool to connect consumers with brands who have a strong community impact, an attention to ethical practice and artisanal quality, and make an effort towards luxury eco-consciousness. Her style is laid back androgyny meets afro-minimalism, with a flare for architectural tailoring in neutral earthy tones. As food is a huge part of culture and community, she takes a vested interest in food practice, focusing in particular on organic and vegan lifestyles, in keeping with her ethos of environmental sustainability.

With a Bachelors of Social Science in Art History, Anthropology and Media and Writing, an Honours degree in Anthropology, and a Masters degree in Fashion Studies from Parsons School of Design, Kenny is not only a critical writer, but also a forward thinking creative.

What’s your favourite thing about your work?

Being able to explore and contextualise fashion in a way that is unique and refreshing. The work is necessary; people just don’t know that they need it yet.

Are you natural or relaxed (is that your natural hair colour and texture)?

I am 100% natural


What are your go to products?

I am obsessed with TresEmme and have used it since I was a teen. Their Naturals range is my staple shampoo and conditioner. Then I use a Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie for curl definition and moisture.

What is your all time favour hairstyle?

I only have three hairstyles in my repertoire. Full out Afro, Mohawk curls, or a slicked back wet look. The Mohawk is my favourite though, it’s edgy, but I still feel like myself.

What are your 3 top hair care tips?

  1. Condition – so important.
  2. Use the right brush – it could make or break (literally) the health of your hair.
  3. Oil treatments – at least once a week is crucial.

Do you have a hair routine?


I’m a pretty low maintenance beauty girl, so my hair care routine consists of a vitamin E and Coconut oil treatment twice a week, a wash and condition every three days followed by a curling pudding.

Describe yourself in five words?

Driven, feisty, warm, smart, vulnerable

What helps give you inspiration/motivation?

My mother. If I could be half the woman she is, I will have succeeded in life.


What are the top three things on your bucket list?

To be in a Chanel campaign, to drink Tequila in Mexico, run for President.

What made you laugh this week?

Someone on Twitter used the word ‘supermsunu’; I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe.


Please give see the link to her blog and any other contacts




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