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Hi my lovely friends I would like you to meet Akesha, she is taking over the ‘HAIR WHAT I’VE GOT TO SAY’ segment

Akesha is  one of the amazing people behind the blackhair magazine


Introduce yourself, what do you do?

Hi! I’m Akesha, I’m 24 and I’m a journalist currently working at Blackhair magazine, I also blog at

What’s your favourite thing about your work?

My favourite part of work is definitely getting to try out awesome products and being able to recommend things that work to my friends and family, for hair and beauty. It’s really rewarding when they feel good about themselves and you had a tiny part to do with it.

Are you natural or relaxed (is that your natural hair colour and texture)

My hair is currently about 70% natural with relaxed ends which I’ll get chopped off soon! Eek! I had my hair highlighted last February but the colour has faded and growth out so yes this is pretty much by natural colour.


What are your go to products?

My current go to products are definitely the Avlon Affirm MoisturRight range (the moisturising shampoo and the laminate spray in particular when I’m wear my hair straight) KeraCare Silken Seal and the new L’Oreal Extraordinary Curl range – I was sceptical at first but it’s so hydrating. I’m also a huge fan of the Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil range and the Curls Blueberry Bliss Leave in Conditioner.

What is your all time favour hairstyle?

I’m the least fussy person when it comes to styling my hair. I’ve learnt that as long as it’s in a healthy condition that’s the main thing. I tend to wear it in a Hun (half bun) a lot, whether it’s straight or curly, just because I don’t tend to like it on my face (I’m constantly tucking it behind my ears).


What are your 3 top hair care tips?

  • – Moisture is the key to healthy hair. Not only in regards to conditioning and with oils but by hydrating by drinking water and eating fruit too.
  • – A. Trim. I used to hate cutting my hair after a really bad experience where a stylist cut my long hair wonkily. Now I love it because it always feels strong and healthier.
  • – I’m a culprit for continuously wearing my hair up but this really breaks your hair at the point of the band no matter how you try to protect it. Alternate styles as much as possible to alleviate pressure.

Do you have a hair routine?

Sort of. I wash my hair once a week and always use a pre-wash treatment (I love the Philip Kingsley Elasticiser and the Alterna Caviar Pre-wash Treatment). I also do a post-wash masque at the end to seal everything in then use a leave-in conditioner before styling, whether up blow-drying or flat twisting.


Describe yourself in five words?

Just want to have fun!

What helps give you inspiration/motivation?

I get motivated by lots of different things! My peers succeeding in their work really motivates me to do better. I’m such a cheesy cheerleader when it comes to my friends achievements so it really gives me a kick up the butt  to improve. Inspiration comes from things like travelling, reading – I read a ton of magazines and books – and online from Pinterest and Instagram.

What are the top three things on your bucket list?

– visit Tokyo

– buy and renovate my own house

–    live somewhere outside of the U.K. for a period of time

What made you laugh this week?

I’m obsessed with memes and Vines because I have a juvenile sense of humour. Hackney’s Finest and Buzzfeedstyle are my favourite Instagrams for lols and I’m constantly laughing at their posts on the train.

Please see  links to her blog and any other contacts + @keeksreid on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat


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