My Wash Day

Hey my lovely friends! I really hope your all doing well. I wanted to talk about what i do when i wash my hair. I don’t do anything to fancy. I just thought it would be nice for me to start sharing my hair journey with you all.
Let me tell you its be a journey of ups and downs,its not been easy but I’ve loved it. well only when it was going my way. 🙂
 Today is my wash day… well washing my hair day. Generally this is a easy task for most, however for a female like myself with the type of texture hair I have it could be an all day occasion. The struggle is real… hahaha!
First things first: When I say wash I mean co-wash, which means I don’t use a shampoo – I use a conditioner to wash my hair. If I do use a shampoo I use the sulfate free shampoo by olive oil. I have a full review of this product on my blog please click the link below.
Today I used the Herbal Essence Hello Hydradation. For all girls that roll there eyes thinking this product is not aimed for them, this product is for all hair types and works wonders for my 4c texture. click below for review.
I start by sectioning my hair into four sections. Each section I detangle combing my hair downwards up. This is key to not breaking your hair. You start from the tips to the roots. After the battle of fully detangling my hair I proceed to put the herbal Essence conditioner onto each section (because my hair is thirsty I put a generous amount on.) After my hair is saturated with the product I put a plastic cap on but if you want to be hood with it you can put a plastic bag over your hair. Leave the plastic bag on for anywhere up to 30mins – 1 hour. Afterwards I rinse my hair throughly with luke warm water and then give it a blast of cold water to seal in my hair shaft. Before I finish I put in shea moisture coconut and proceed to blow dry and style my hair. See link below for review.
Have A Happy Hair Day xx
Sulfate-free shampoo Olive Oil
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

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