WIGS  WIGS WIGS ! I love wigs. Wigs are an amazing way to give your hair a broke from daily damage Blow-drys, back-combing and up-dos: The party season can leave hair frazzled within an inch of its life.This is where wigs come in. Its also great for a bad hair day or when you just don’t want to do your hair.

Wigs have become popular over the years to help grow out your natural hair. It give you the options to have a new look without  committing to one hairstyle.

It does not matter who you are or what background  your from you can rock a wig and look good. 

I know so  some people may have mixed feeling about wigs. However I say if Beyonce and  The Kardashian’s and  countless others can rock a wigs, why can’t YOU!  Watch the video below by Gigi. She talks about her experiences using wigs.


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