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Hi hope you’re all good.

I had to tell you about this. It the It’s made my hair game levels go up. I have in curly weave right now and it’s given my hair lifeeee. YES I can’t tell you how great it works in my hair. If you have any types of curly hair try this out. It sofa and it makes me feel so free. I love it.


What is this: Styling product, treatment: activates and  moisturizes curly hair in one easy step. Contains Vitamin E – Helps to promote healthy Hair. panthenol conditions restores moisture to the hair. With added glycerin,to provided softness and sheen.

How to use: I use it either on soaking wet hair, damp hair, or perfectly dry hair.


Price; £2:00-3:00. It sof and almost free. lol


Let me know if you use it, and how it worked for you? 





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  1. January 15, 2016 / 6:23 pm

    Wow, might need to try this, it never occurred to me that there were products to enhance curly hair.