Yes you can be happy, and in a good mood.I challenge you to read this list and not come away smiling.

1. Cuddle.  Researchers say just 20 seconds of hugging releases the magic anti-stress hormone oxytocin into the bloodstream.

2. Save £1.66 a day.Saving directly lifts your mood, even if its just putting away the cost of your daily coffee.according to new government research, which suggests that holding on to that  cash saves you an extra £50 a month.

3.Clean sheet. Changing the bed might be a chore,but the pleasure of climbing into fresh,crisp sheets once its done? Unparalleled.

4.Countdown to your holiday. Download the Facebook app from timeanddate.com and set a countdown to something you’re excited about.Every time you log on a timer will tell you how much closer you are.YES!

5. Call your grandparents. it will make their day, and yours.

6.Keep a plant alive. its is possible. Rob stirling from the royal horticultural society says so. Basic like: natural light,being repotted with fresh soil every two years.

7. Get that spelling right. we all have a spelling nemesis. look it up.Learn it.DONE.

8.Put these five numbers in your phone. A GP with your medical records:the number for a lost bank card: a trusted taxi:your landlord:and a car breakdown.

9.Create a happy box. Fill a box with things that make you smile:photos,messages and emails.Look at them when you feel low.

10.Instagram your week.Think you haven’t done anything exciting?Take one snap per day,get creative,then enjoy.



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